6 Parts of Kids Week Your Kid Will Love

Making a list of SIX things your kids will love about kids week isn’t easy… because I can think of DOZENS! From the dozens of volunteers from our church, who will put in countless hours to take this week to the next level, to the dozens of kids in each small group who will become the best of friends!  It is our goal to make Kids Week THE BEST WEEK of a child’s summer – and we truly believe we’ve NAILED it this year!  


If you’re trying to decide if you should cancel your beach trip or skip the football practice, or if the friends and families you’re inviting to Kids Week are uncertain, and you don’t know how to convince them to sign up… let me tell you a few reason why Kids Week is totally worth it! 


Here are 6 things about Kids Week that your kids will love the most – and WON’T want to miss.

1. Worship

Kids and volunteers worshipping at Kids Week is unlike anything you’ve seen before!  The music is loud, the dances are wild, and the auditorium is setup like a Super Mario themed rock concert! By the last night of the week, kids and volunteers alike are singing (screaming) the lyrics at the top of their lungs and the whole auditorium is dancing like a professional synchronized crew. 

2. Small Group Time

Your child will be placed in a small group with other kids, some they may know and others they may not. Their small group leader is background checked and ALIVE Kids trained to be an awesome leader and friend throughout the week! At one point every evening, the group will sit down together and discuss the questions posed by the storyteller earlier that night. Throughout their time here, they’ll do EVERYTHING as a group – compete, dance, play, laugh, eat and worship! It is our goal for every child to be loved well, to be seen, and to be known. We have some awesome small groups and small group leaders in place to make this true for your child!

3. Games and Competition

There are so many games that happen during Kids Week. Some happen up on stage, some everybody can play outside, and we will even have a water night (which we will announce so you know to prepare accordingly!). Not only are the games all crazy amounts of fun, but they all contribute to their team’s points in competing for the ULTIMATE PRIZE at the end of the week. From team chants to water wars, your kids will be challenged to take it TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

4. Teaching

During our teaching time our storytellers involve the kids and audience. We don’t want them to just hear about the stories. We want them to live out the valuable lessons from them! As such, our teaching at Kids Week involves story-driven videos, funny skits, and invites kids to participate while learning about God’s word and the truth inside. 

5. Awesome Sauce

Every child and leader is AWESOME! The enthusiasm, kindness, and teamwork that each individual brings to the table makes Kids Week an awesome experience for everyone in attendance.  Every night kids vote for their friend who is a HAPPY CAMPER for a leader who is a rockstar – aka an “Awesome Sauce Leader.”  These rockstars believe it’s an HONOR – a privilege even – to have 5 gallons of apple sauce, pork ‘n beans, or ranch dressing, dumped over their heads (head back, mouth open for extra points!) 


6. Friends

Of all the parts of Kids Week your kids will love, the part that lasts the longest are the new friends and memories they will make. Kids Week is exactly as it sounds: a week all about and for the kids to have a blast with their friends and get out of the house this summer. Seriously, you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity.



Sign your kids up for Kids Week and share this blog with your family and friends!