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  • “What if she’s dead?” This was the question I was asked as I was greeting people in the lobby following one of our services a few weeks ago.  The topic of the morning was “Can people really change in the area of relationships?”  I knew when I was writing the message I would be dealing with a great deal of hurt places in people’s lives.  I said as much in the message when I shared:

  • Did you watch the news story?  It was covered on every channel and from every political bias.  Depending on the slant of our chosen news source, we all started getting angry with another group of people or what those people represent.  We all started to get mad at the “other side.”

  • The words “Police Line Do Not Cross” or “Crime Scene” printed on flimsy tape hold back the masses.


    Maybe it’s not the tape. 

    Maybe it’s what lies behind the tape that holds us back. While we want to know what is behind the tape, most of us, maybe all of us never want to go beyond the tape.

  • I have been surprised by grief.  The countless opportunities I have had to help guide people through the grieving process certainly prepared for much of what my own grief would offer. I get the anger, the denial.

  • The turn of the year is always a great time to reflect on the previous year.  It is important to realize we are never standing still, but always in motion.  

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