Pre-Exam Jam at Daniel High!

ALIVE Wesleyan and Daniel High School

Exam time can be pretty anxious for high schools. Everyone - students, teachers, administration, and staff are trying their best to finish strong, and most are ready for a break! During this season a little fun and a change of pace can go a long way. ALIVE had the privilege of helping do just that today at Daniel High School, by hosting the Pre-Exam Jam!! During an extended lunch ALIVE brought some fun - Christmas Karaoke on a stage, Hot Chocolate, Rec. Games and Dodgeball in the gyms, all while teachers (who usually monitor lunch) got a break and were treated to Moe’s in a quiet spot in the school. 

In this brief portion of a day, ALIVE had the opportunity to impact hundreds of students, teachers, administration, and staff. We had multiple opportunities to encourage people, share laughs, and allow ALIVE Students to feel proud of “their Church.”

Some highlights:

  • A number of students couldn’t believe they were receiving things for free. What a picture of God’s generosity!
  • An administrator said, “Thank you so much…you guys really do such a good job of engaging and serving this community.”
  • A teacher said, “I’ve been looking forward to this for days…this break and good food is really the best thing you can do for us right now.”

What a privilege to serve our community, showing God’s love to people during a season that celebrates God’s relentless love and generosity to the world! 

Special thanks to Trinity Wesleyan, and members of Welcome Wesleyan and Glenville Wesleyan for partnering with ALIVE!