Local Outreach

Community service is most effective when individuals can engage in long-term relationships with organizations and individuals. And we would love to see every member at ALIVE serving our community on a regular basis.

Serving the community is part of the heartbeat of ALIVE. Throughout the year the ALIVE community gives to local organizations and attendees are challenged to engage in an all-play project in our community. These projects have an incredible impact on our church body and on those with whom we partner. 

How You Can Help

Invest In Your Family
Invest In Your Community
Invest In Your Schools

Global Outreach

The church isn’t just a building but a community of people called out by God to be His hands and feet in our world. ALIVE is one church in multiple locations, partnering with missionaries and organizations around the world to reach spiritually hungry people, introduce them to a personal relationship with Jesus, and engage them in an active role in Christian community. 

Mission Partners

Okipe La Gonave Children’s Village | Haiti
Daniel & Deanna Stanley | Haiti
Southeast Asia
Bob and Brenda Bagley | USA
Dave and Donna Tolan | USA
Jonathan and Cheryl | Wycliffe Translators
Abel and Laura Nove | Mozambique

Looking to get involved with Outreach?

Beth Petersen