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The ALIVE 4D Process

The 4Ds are designed to help people go deeper at ALIVE.

Jump into our 4D discipleship process as we strive to create and become missional leaders. If you walk through these classes our hope is you’ll walk out able to share Jesus wherever you are at—in your workplace, your families, or through ALIVE ministry initiatives.



Learn a little more about who ALIVE is and what we do. This course will cover the basic beliefs of our church, how you can have a relationship with Jesus, and how you can connect at ALIVE. We will talk about the history of ALIVE, and you’ll have a chance to meet the staff, learn about baptism and more. Upon completion of this class, sign up for class 2, Deepen, below!

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Class 2 - DEEPEN


Go deeper as we dig into four practices that help us grow—bible reading, prayer, community, and generosity. In Deepen, class 2 of the 4D process, we will learn about engaging in these practices personally and about leading others to engage in them as well.

Class 3 - DEFINE


How have you been designed to serve? This class explores each person’s unique S.H.A.P.E. and will allow you to take a good look at your spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and experiences.

Class 4 - DECIDE


In this class, you’ll meet the staff and learn about ways to serve at ALIVE. Here, you will be able to decide where God might want to use you. Launch into mission as you finish up the 4Ds.

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