Twenty Christ-centered communities

See all the details as the 20 Christ-centered communities begin to develop.

West City Church

In March 2022, we announced our first Christ-centered community of Project 20--West City Church, located in the Village of West Greenville, SC. West City Church just held its third interest gathering at Unlocked Coffee Roasters where Pastor Jason Vonbehren has connected over 65 adults and 15 kids to the mission and vision of  West City Church. This church plant is gaining strength and momentum in West Greenville and you can check in on their progress and sign up for their newsletter on Facebook. With God's help, we are targeting a launch date in October 2022. 

Join us as we continue to pray for Jason, his family, West City Church and the launch team as they seek to reach, teach, and restore people in this rapidly changing multi-cultural community.

Mount Moriah Church

We announced our second Christ-centered community at Core Night on May 15. This is our first strategic partnership in Candler, NC! Mount Moriah will live-stream our message series from ALIVE, join our coaching and connection network and strengthen their ministry in Buncombe County, NC, just west of Asheville. We are thrilled to partner with this team of people who so earnestly desire to meet God, grow in faith and make a difference!

Join us as we continue to praying for the people and ministry of Mount Moriah!

Upstate Community Church

In July 2022, we took a big step torward establishing our third Christ-centered community. We are pleased to announce Connor Guerzini as our church planter for Spartanburg. Connor comes to ALIVE as an Asbury Seminary grad and United Methodist pastor with lead and campus pastor experience. Connor and Kayla have three young children and are truly called to this mission as a family. Connor feels honored to join the ALIVE Network and the South Carolina District in fulfilling this call.

Join us as we pray for Connor, Kayla, their family and the development of Upstate Community Church in Spartanburg.