Grow Your Faith

If you have recently become a Christian, chances are you have a lot of questions and want to know more about how to get to know Jesus better and grow in your faith. This page has links to how you can find places at ALIVE Wesleyan to grow in your faith and also some resources that are available that will help you learn and grow. You can find resources on our Growing in Faith, Jesus, and Baptism pages.

Growing in your faith happens as you develop your relationship with Jesus much in the same way you develop a relationship with a close friend. It also requires growing in Christian community. As believers we learn from each other. Click here to learn more about joining a group at ALIVE.

If you began a relationship with Jesus recently, we want to hear about it! If you have any questions about faith, getting connected to Christian community, or just want to let us know you met Jesus at ALIVE contact us here! 


Have you ever asked this question? We believe growing closer to God shouldn't have to be complicated. There are things we can do that will help create an environment for spiritual growth. Taken from scripture, these activities are summarized by our Three Circles - UP, IN, and OUT. We believe that spiritual health happens as we connect UP to God through worship and spiritual disciplines, IN to relationships with one another through serving and groups, and OUT to our community through friendships, service, and outreach opportunities.


We as Christians believe an amazing truth. Jesus is God. As amazing as this truth is, there is another that is even more amazing: Jesus loves us and wants to be in relationship with us. Jesus left Heaven and came to earth because He wanted us to know Him. No one understands how or why the Creator of the universe would go to such great lengths to know us, but He did. Wanting to know Jesus is the first step to entering into a relationship with Him. God is deeply in love with us, His creation, and He longs to know us.