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Hey ALIVE Kids!  We will miss you today, but we have a BIG SURPRISE for you!  We’ve put some stuff together so you can have LOTS OF FUN worshipping at home with your family!  How cool is that!

So, turn up the music!  Get your parents on their feet and worship God together!  Sneak a video of your family doing crazy dance moves and share it on
#alivethrives!  We’d love to see it!

We love you and are praying for you today.  We can’t wait to see you soon!

Mrs. Stephanie
Children’s Pastor

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For the next several months, our entire church - every age - will be digging deeper into Spiritual Disciplines. If you’re still doing church at home, we’d like to send you some supplies to take your family deeper! We’ve got activities to help your family practice meditation, fasting, and prayer. PLUS we’ll be rolling out new activity boxes each month - so your family will never miss out on what’s going on at church. We hope to equip you with everything you need to lead your family in “moving beyond the motions.”

Hey Parents! Check out what we’re up to this month, and how you can continue to teach and lead your student!