• My grandpa accepted Christ on his deathbed. After a life-long battle with alcohol and years of heartache, he decided to put his trust in Christ. My dad became a believer in his 20s after his Christian girlfriend broke up with him. I felt a call to ministry as a teen at the same time I was taking steps away from Christ.

  • The next time you’re eating out, look around the restaurant to see how many couples and families have their phones out.  Most of us have been guilty of bringing our phones to the table at one time or another. As great as technology can be, left unchecked, it can become an insidious distraction in many of our families and marriages. Here are a couple of challenges technology can create and some suggestions on how to overcome them.  

  • “Do you have any work? Can I clean your house?”


    I was about twenty-three when Ms. Christlin knocked on the front door of my small apartment in Haiti, and I had never been asked something like this. I really didn’t need someone to clean my home. I was managing just fine, and I felt a little odd hiring someone to do something I can do myself.