Ask Your Kids!

Matt Irvine 

Central Student Ministries Pastor 

Ask the Expert! 

No, not some guru on adolescence...actually ask an adolescent! Ask the one living in your house, and let them help you. 

I still remember my mom asking questions about the music I was listening to (Creed at the time, if you're wondering)...and I opened up...probably more than she even expected. I talked about the band, about guitars, about faith, about the current trend in faith-based music going mainstream...The point is - as a 15 year old male...I opened up because my mom asked me my opinion on something instead of assuming, accusing, or trying to figure me out.


It may surprise you, but sometimes your teen knows the answer you're looking for. Wondering about culture? Music? Politics? Relationship norms? Wondering why your teen thinks or acts a certain way? Asking the right question might unlock more than you expect. 

Let's create a conversation tonight at dinner. 
Ask your child about their life, about something that interests them. 

Let us know how it goes in the comments below! 

See you Sunday! 
- Matt Irvine