Why You Need to Explain It Again

For some reason, I don't get things the first time.

Even if someone explains something really well...sometimes it takes me hearing it again and again. Maybe I was just distracted with the "What" while they were explaining the "Why." Or, I was thinking about something completely random. Either way, the "Why" is still really important to growing new habits, patterns, and learning to do life well.

Sometimes, as a parent of a toddler, I don't want to explain it again - I just want obedience. But, my kids are learning, and what they need (understanding the "Why" as best they can) may just help us both get farther down the road together.

Maybe you'll have a chance to try it this week -

1. Taking a deep breath

2. Explain it one more time so they understand the "Why" of what you want to accomplish togeher.