Two Important Questions for Baptism

Do you remember being baptized or have you ever been baptized?

I will tell you why I ask these questions.  I am fond of saying baptism is where you identify you are part of the tribe of believers.  It is a public expression of what God has done in our hearts.  To use the terminology of our current series, baptism is where we let the world know, we have said “yes” to the dance. 
When I teach on baptism I share two important questions to ask.

1.  Am I putting my faith and trust in Christ alone for salvation and the forgiveness of sins?
2.  Am I ready to publicly share this heart change with my community?
If the answer is “yes” to these questions, well then you are a great candidate for baptism, to go public as a member of the tribe.
Sometimes people were baptized as kids and they wonder if they should be baptized again as adults.  Really this is a personal decision.  I usually encourage people who have had a fresh awakening with God to consider being baptized again.  As children many were baptized as an expression of their parents’ faith and desire for their lives.  This is an awesome thing.  At ALIVE, we often use dedication of babies as a way of offering our kids to God. 
But as we grow up, often we grow in our understanding and relationship with God.  Occasionally this will lead to a desire to express this through Adult baptism.

So if any of the above describes you, now is the time to sign up for our next baptism service.

See you Sunday!