Thank You Mom

Confession: Earlier this year I did not send my mom a birthday gift (and honestly, it’s not the first time).

I THINK I called her last year for Mother’s Day, but I’m pretty sure I missed the previous two. For the first six years out of high school I visited home twice a year and was dying to “go back home” after a few days of being home with my parents. Now I live a lot closer and visit maybe three or four times a year, but “my life is busy” (excuses!) and I call less. So, I’ve concluded that this year, the best gift I can give my mom a public apology.

Mom, thanks for being a rock star.

Not the kind who screams from stage, crowd surfs, sings, or wears leather – but the kind who wears watermelon shirts, and sips lemonade in the backyard during the summer. The kind who drinks her coffee black and strong enough to start your car. Thank you for speaking softly, with a smile in your eyes and on the corners of your lips. Thanks for leaning in to talk about your big ideas about the important things in life.

Thank you for being a ROCK.

The kind of rock who is immovable and unshakable despite any strain that came towards our family – and we had our fair share. You never worried, you never wavered. You always had faith that we’d see the other side of a season; that we’d be better for the trials.

I’m sorry for telling you your “pencil pants” weren’t cool and for forcing you into bell-bottoms (you were right, everything comes back into style). Sorry for all the phones and cameras I lost and/or broke. Sorry I never stuck with a sport and made you buy all new gear for a new sport every season. I’m sorry for all the busses I missed and made you drive me, and for the projects I didn’t do until the night before and made you help me with; all while I had perfectionist meltdowns. I’m sorry I couldn’t see all the sacrifices you were making to keep us afloat and for always wanting more. I’m sorry for all the times I spoke over you or rushed you through your thoughts.

I wish I’d spent more time sitting at the table with you. I’m sorry for not listening when you only had my best interest in my mind. I wish I’d been more grateful and I hope, moving forward, that I find more ways to make you feel special – because you are.

Thanks for that advice you gave me the first day of Kindergarten: “stay cool, calm, and collected.” Nothing could be more true to you.

But most importantly, thanks for not keeping record of all those wrongs. Thank you for your continued forgiveness and support – every day is a fresh start with you, and that is far more than any of us deserve.

Love you tons,


What would you thank your mom for? What would you tell her for Mother's Day?