Three Reasons to Worship

Every Sunday people ask me questions about our worship. Questions like: “What was that song we learned today? Who was that by? How do you decide what to sing?” One of my favorite questions to be asked is, “Why do you worship?” I love this question because it gets at the heart of worship, and opens the door for me to really share some biblical truth about the importance of worship.

Here at ALIVE Wesleyan Church, we love to sing songs every Sunday morning and declare His truth, but what does worship really mean? Why do we worship every Sunday morning? I absolutely love worship and I could give you a long list of what motivates me, but here are just a few thoughts on worship that may be helpful for you.

1) Worship changes us

When we are able to praise God, unashamedly, the Spirit moves. And when we are able to accept the overwhelming goodness of who God is, then we are changed people. God doesn’t change; His love for us is never failing. But when we worship Him, we are changed from the inside out. When we acknowledge the greatness of who He is in worship, then our minds are transformed by His power.

2) Worship isn't about you

One of my favorite mottos in life is that “it’s not about you.” Worship isn’t about us, or even about what we like or dislike. It’s all about giving God the glory He deserves and focusing on Him. If God is at the center of our lives, then let’s celebrate who we are in Christ. We give Him praise because Scripture says God made us, and we are His people. We were made to worship God. Worship is a lifestyle. Let’s change our lifestyle to focus less on us and more on him.

3) Worship because you love God

When we put God first in our lives, and love Him with everything that we have within us, then it is impossible not to joyfully worship him. Worship is our response to what we value most, and if God is who we value the most in our lives, then out of the overflow of our heart comes our worship to Him.


When we love something so much, we want to share it with others. Worship, is our way of showing our AWESOME God how grateful we are for what He has done in our lives, therefore acknowledging who He is. Through our worship to Him, we are able to say “God, we are in awe of you, and we worship you because you are worthy of our praise.”

After all, it is Biblical to worship God!

Our Worship to Him is life changing. God is so deserving of our praise. We worship Him, because we love Him so much, and it is an outpouring of our hearts. I get so excited to worship with our congregation every Sunday morning. My prayer is that each and everyone one of us can worship with freedom. We consistently sing that there is freedom where the Spirit of the Lord is. I fully believe this; let’s worship unashamedly, giving God our best!

Can’t wait to worship with you!
Heather Haithcock 
Worship Leader