Three Truths to Remember About Easter

Another holiday season is almost upon us.

How can you tell?

There are three double-sided aisles in the front of Walmart, stocked with every goodie any child (or parent) could ever want. It’s the same aisles where we stocked up to fill jack-o’-lantern buckets, then Christmas stockings, then treats for the Valentine’s Day class parties.

These days, Peter Rabbit points us to pastel-colored baskets begging to be filled with chocolate rabbits, chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and of course PEEPS! Although Easter comes only once a year, parts of it are so familiar, they are almost routine.

Sometimes, I wonder if we often forget what the true meaning of Easter is. 

We decided to help us all remember what is most important during this time of year. 

1. It's not about the candy

It’s not about little girls in new black patent leather shoes, little boys in new bowties, and old ladies in new hats. It’s not about the special music prepared in advance and presented with extra gusto. It’s not about Easter lilies lining the stage and fresh banners on the wall. It’s not about families getting together after church to enjoy a big meal and an egg hunt, culminating in…eating all that candy.

2. It's about salvation

God saw that we were going to make a mess of things down here and need a rescue. He knew we would need a way to avoid paying for our sins, which would require a death. In the Old Testament, only the very best lambs were used as sacrifices. Salvation always requires a sacrifice.

3. It's about LOVE

God used His very best lamb. He used His own son, His only one. He gave that son to pay for my sin and yours.


That’s what it’s all about. In this bubble of earth time, we use birthdays and anniversaries to remind ourselves of the important milestones of our lives. We’ve got a big one coming up. Remember what Jesus did for you. Remember how much He loves you. And then have a little chocolate to celebrate!


See you Sunday! 
- ALIVE Wesleyan