• Do you remember being baptized or have you ever been baptized?
    I will tell you why I ask these questions.  I am fond of saying baptism is where you identify you are part of the tribe of believers.  It is a public expression of what God has done in our hearts.  To use the terminology of our current series, baptism is where we let the world know, we have said “yes” to the dance. 

  • For some reason, I don't get things the first time. Even if someone explains something really well...sometimes it takes me hearing it again and again. Maybe I was just distracted with the "What" while they were explaining the "Why." Or, I was thinking about something completely random.

  • For the past several weeks, I’ve been counting down to today’s lunch.  I played it out in my head a million times, and I have to say today was so much more amazing than I imagined.  Today, some of our staff had the honor of having lunch with 20 of the most influential people in Pickens County.  Not only are they influential, but I watched them talk about their genuine love for the kids and the families they come in contact with every single day.  I wish you could have been in the room.  Any guesses on who we had lunch with?